Neural 59, Pimping the Eye, VR now.


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Issue #59, Winter 2018 ISSN: 2037-108X

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Exo_C – Laboyatta


CDr – Kvitnu

Kvitnu can be proud of their entry into the catalogue of Exo_C, for an untypical collaboration between Fan Yau – aka Exoterrism – and Carl Cock, this last artistically known as c_c, with a very refined and

Hive Mind, don’t speak


Communications technology has accustomed us to rapid developments that seem to tend to accelerate further. The web first, telephony after, plus all the declinations and variations on the theme: streaming, chatting, blogging … and this is only talking about the

Polyhedra, an orchestra of speakers


Floris Vanhoof ’s “Polyhedra” is a sound work that freely elaborates on a device we consider to have a quite standard shape and function: the speaker. Forgetting the functional black parallelepiped with rounded holes for the speaker(s) he has created