Radios & Camera, what light sounds like

Radios & Camera

Early electric radio and turntables with their recognizable aesthetics are like totemic symbols in our hyper-mediated present. But they also historically represent an intimate moment of listening, with some artificial light emitted through their structure. This modernist fascination is the

Obscurity, the right to blur


Paolo Cirio has researched different social systems in his artistic activity, always finding tactical methods to conceptually destabilize these through the use of contextualized and strategic technologies. In Obscurity (after Overexposed) he once more addresses a facial recognition system, but

Bruckner – Happy End


Moozak, Kazoom#006, 236 pages, 2015

There’s already a small tradition of artists printing computer code on paper to represent respective media. For example, Mishka Henner prints artists’ books with the jpg code of early twentieth-century rare photographs (_IMG01), while David