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ScareMail – Benjamin Grosser


ScareMail is Benjamin Grosser’s answer to Prism: a browser extension to defend our email from surveillance by the National Security Agency. Once installed, ScareMail automatically generates a meaningless story within each email; one able to ostentatiously attract the interest of the

Carsten Nicolai – Unidisplay


Gestalten, ISBN-13: 978-3899554861, English, 80 pages, 2013, UK

Nicolai’s science-oriented artworks have some unique characteristics including a polarised shifting between complexity and simplicity that always deeply involves our senses. It is not by accident that his intellectual proximity to long

Telepathic Advertising


Telepathy Advertising presents itself as the first communication agency specialized in extra-sensory techniques, able to convey an advertising message directly into the prospective customer’s mind. Using knowledge of neuromarketing, its promotional campaigns aim to induce the same reactions and emotions