Ohm – G5


Cassette – Dinzu Artefacts

Insistent tickles, a constant background buzz, some slightly perceptible gongs, some whistles, refrained frequencies, some metal screeches and other warm and sensitive audio emergencies. This is the set of samples you can experience while listening

entangled, an infinite small space


“entangled” is an installation by HC Gilje, which uses sophisticated technology to play with the digitalisation of space and its new perspectives. The artist has used the laser scanning technique LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to create a “cast of

Orson Hentschel – Facades


CD – Denovali

A cryptic female voice says something in Korean. The narration develops theatrically, following some embracing, warm and disturbing ways. The background electronics is accurately unraveled, with insisting and anxious atmospheres. The multimedia artist Orson Hentschel enjoys musical

Prosthetic Photographer, reverse clicking


There are many photographic artistic devices, built in recent years to critically analyse the intromission of new technologies in the photographic aesthetic process. Prosthetic Photographer is one of these: thanks to machine learning training this device learns to recognise pictures