Neural 57, Propaganda mon amour


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Issue #57, Summer 2017 ISSN: 2037-108X

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machine brut(e), temporal monolithism


The correlation between sound and architecture has been frequently articulated on space as the primary medium through which sound and structures can be expressed. Rarely, instead, have specific architectural principles been applied to sound, applying this kind of transdisciplinarity to

Victory over the sun, light sufficiency


Victory over the Sun is an ongoing project (started in 2015) designed by the artist Elisa Balmaceda (developed in collaboration with Celeste Rojas and Francisca Gacitua) within the “Electric Fields” series. The title is a direct reference to the Russian

Lost in binary Translation, digitising mechanically


Digital principles are “reductive” in their own essence, as they’re committed to the unavoidable task of quantifying any type of information into numbers. This methodology is constantly and considerably applied to the majority of productions and transmissions of human-managed sound on