Monolithe, inextricable artificial nature


Fabien Léaustic’s “Monolithe” is a monolith hosting the biotope of a phytoplankton growing outside water and producing oxygen, which affects the visitor’s environment. It’s living artwork, with a recognisable symbolic form, open to interpretations, and with a structurally modified ecosystem,

Ze-Ka – Ghost Planet


CD – Opa Loka

This album is the first solo project of Jean-Philippe Feiss, a French violoncellist and composer using the name Ze-Ka for this production released within the field of electronics and ambient music. The title Ghost Planet is

Alternative Face, physiognomic mapping


Appropriating a person’s physical data to generate programmed videos arbitrarily making use of it is technically demonstrable, using biometry and neural networks. Although outputs are still raw, the ethical concerns can arise rapidly, especially after elaborating proper manipulations. Quasimondo (Mario

Echo, colourful sculpted disasters


The evolution of sculptures through technologies has crossed used materials and manufacturing processes, but they’re still giving shape to concepts present in our world. Even when it’s about digital technologies, sculptures have to manifest themselves, like in the case of

Neural 59, Pimping the Eye, VR now.


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Exo_C – Laboyatta


CDr – Kvitnu

Kvitnu can be proud of their entry into the catalogue of Exo_C, for an untypical collaboration between Fan Yau – aka Exoterrism – and Carl Cock, this last artistically known as c_c, with a very refined and