Neural 66, State of Emergency

Neural 66 State of Emergency

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Issue #66, Summer 2020 ISSN: 2037-108X

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Nebulo – Parallaxes


Vinyl 12″ – Le Cabanon

Thomas Pujols, a French producer who uses the moniker Nebulo, is accustomed to persistent experimentation using mostly polyphonic synthesizers, with which he explores harmonies and dissonances, constructing microtones and other tonal scales that escape the

Nuuun – Current Suite No.1


Online – NN

“Current Suite No.1″ by Nuuun is a suite of four audiovisual compositions exploring an interchangeable use of frequencies that we can both see and hear. These compositions are inspired by early 1970s video synthesizers and Scan Processors,

Material Music, a band of matter


Mo H. Zareei’s ”Material Music” features eight kinetic sound-sculptures made of an electromechanical actuator striking identical blocks of different solid materials, respectively brass, copper, aluminium, steel, hardwood, softwood, glass, and marble. The shifts in striking time are calculated through phase-shifting