Neural 57, Propaganda mon amour


Neural 57, Propaganda mon amour (co-edited with Andrea Natella). Subscribe now!

Issue #57, Summer 2017 ISSN: 2037-108X

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Projektor, the value of an analogue copy


Analogue media devices are rising again, with a re-evaluation of their technical and aesthetic specificities. With this process comes the improved knowledge of these devices’ history, which sometimes defines the social role they had in the content production. “Projektor” by

Jim Haynes – Electrical Injuries


LP – Aussenraum

Ethereal, suffering, unpredictable but also excruciating frequencies soon peep out in this issue by Jim Haynes for Aussenraum. Electrical Injuries is a composition divided into six different tracks which are packed with tangled textures, unhealthy atmospheres and