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Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs.

Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs

While Internet population has already started asking if Web 2.0 is getting boring because of all its services and plugins, net artists keep exploring all the alternatives offered by blogs as

Monome, the sequencer gesture.


The sequencer, meant as content editing interface, has already gone too far from the cultural nexus with the musical production, becoming a symbolic archetype that structures digital informations. One of the phenomena it has generated is

Pianolina, the interactive piano.


Visiting the official website of a traditional piano-making company like Grotrian, you will be surprised by the presence of what is simply called ‘game’, the Pianolina, that is instead a real digital musical instrument. The invitation

Dewanatron, cranking electronics.


It’s impossible to resist to some old sound boxes charm: in the end there are sentimental reasons. The more the market displays the last shop window’s shining device (boxed and with the obscure instructions for a

Harddisko, hard disk orchestra.


Harddisko is an installation made by Valentina Vuksic (a Media Art student at the Zurich University of Design and Arts), focused on what is really at the core of any ‘computer music’ discourse: the raw PC