Oh my ( ), the Twitter of Babel


One of the most powerful stories about incommunicability is undeniably the Tower of Babel. Used as a metaphor, as it was meant to, countless times, it has become synonymous with becoming linguistic strangers to each other. Although this is correct interpretation there’s a dramatic situation in the story which is mostly missed, when everybody starts to realise his/her missed linguistic capacity and how it’s the consequence of God’s punishment. That very moment is interpreted in a Noriyuki Suzuki’s “Oh my ( )” installation transposing it into our infinite online environment. It’s made of speakers sounding “oh my [god]” where god is translated in forty-eight languages, according to when on Twitter there’s a text which contains the word ‘god’ in various languages. With the constant words and the varying frequency of the same/different words being spoken, the installation enacts a perfect reconstruction/adaptation, rendering a universal metaphor with present simplicity.


Noriyuki Suzuki – Oh my ( )