het Ei (the Egg), crackling water electronics


Fedde ten Berge builds various experimental music instruments, combining recognisable forms and materials with sensor-driven behaviours. ”het Ei” (the Egg) has been developed in collaboration with the ceramic expert Frank van Os, and has the shape of an egg broken at the top. The way of playing it is to alternate proximity and distance, according to the sensors used. Its peculiarity is that part of the emitted sounds are based on the crackling of eggshells, with the intensity of the crackling amplified by flashes of lights emitted by the attached LED strips. But as in other instruments created by ten Berge, water is an essential element. The egg contains water and its use over its external surface intensifies the sounds even more. The alien nature of such instruments, especially experienced through a natural/unnatural manipulation leads to a choreographic role. Its shape and attitude suggest a performative use, where the wet electronics resound.


Fedde ten Berge – of Nature and Things – het Ei (the Egg) – Sound Art Installation