You, me and all these machines, a voicing couple


Dmitry Morozov, alias ::vtol::, is a prolific artist, with a unique conception of diabolically structured art machines, often dedicated to implement an original and hybrid elaboration of sounds. In “You, me and all these machines”, a work in collaboration with Anastasia Tolchneva, the “apparatus” as he defines it, is a wearable structure consisting of a directional motorised microphone, an LED strip to show the score and a joystick used by a second participant to control the interface. The performer should sing the score, decoding pre-agreed sequences, and microphone manipulation allows his/her voice to be manipulated in real time. The vocalist involved is transformed into an organic machine, providing live voice to the “apparatus”, a resource whose exploitation is negotiated with somebody else. Eventually it becomes an interaction within a couple, which can expose a collaborative or predominant attitude, producing ever-variating vocalism, and beautifully mysterious sounds.


::vtol:: – you, me and all these machines