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AGF – Source Voice


CD – Line

Antye Greie-Ripatti, aka AGF, has made her debut on Richard Chartier’s label, the LINE [SEGMENTS]. With Source Voice she seems to pick up again the thread of the long introspective experimentation: she modulates vocal emissions as her

Taylor Deupree – Faint


Box Set / CD – 12K

Very delicate envelopes, persuasive textures and circular, repetitive tunes: the quietist textures of the recordings by Taylor Deupree reverberate impalpably, elusively, beatifically – thanks to dreamy drones, carefully produced environmental patterns, electroacoustic resonances and

Greg Haines – Where We Were


CD – Denovali

The British cellist and experimenter, now based in Berlin and working with Denovali label, is well known in neo-classicist contemporary circles for his elegiac scores and orchestral juxtapositions (we also remember him for his recent collaboration with