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Neural 29 english

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Issue 29, spring 2008

Free: centerfold ‘Constellation’ by Chu Yun.

new media art
.Yao Bin interview.
.8gg interview.
.We Make Money Not Art/We Need Money Not Art interview.
.The Paradox of Chinese Art in the Age of Technology.
.Continental Drift.
.v2_zone MOCA Taipei.
.11th Microwave Hong Kong.
.news: WINDscale, Privileges, Feed, Spinal Rhythms, Life.
..books/dvd/cd-rom: Home-Made, Conexoes Tecnologicas, Two Films, Database Aesthetics, MediaArtHistories, Intimate Transactions.

.FM3 interview.
.Zen Lu interview.
.news: Torcito Project, Sonic Wargame, Akousmaflore, Plink Jet, Isaidif.
..books/dvd/cd+: Cultura VJ, Continuity, Messy, Living Sterea & Cinema.tik, Tricycle.
.cd reviews: Frank Rothkamm, Minoru Sato + Asuna, Tim Blechmann, Oh Astro, Dorninger, Al Margolis, Shinkei, Gavin Bryars, Jorge Haro, John Luther Adams, Uusitalo, Snog, martyn Bates & Max Eastley, Savvas Ysatis + Taylor Deupree, Roam The Hello Clouds, Periferico, Zaum, David Watson, Einstuerzende Neubauten.

.Made in China, dagongmei and the global it factory.
.The Great Firewall of China
.Post Revolutionary Glimpses
.news: new American Dictionary Security/Fear edition, Constrain City, Breaking the News, Transborder Tool, Parallel Rethoric.
..books/dvd/cd-rom: Peers, Pirates and Persuasion, Infotopia, Netporn, Diaries, Wired Shut, Panel de Control.