Neural 30, Dangerous Games


Issue 30, Summer 2008

The new Neural issue is out with 16 pages in colour and a brand new graphic layout! Subscribe now or buy it from the closest store. A back issues pack is available.

Free: centerfold ‘Totemobile’ by Chico Macmurtrie.

new media art

.Ludic Society/Margarete Jahrmann interview.
.Homo Ludens Ludens exhibition report.
.Play Cultures, the world of digital games in contemporary art and culture report.
.Be My Controller, opening the urban, button by button.


Emotoscope, Modi 2.0, Rom Check Fail, Amalgus Cycle Process1, HAI.



Delusive Spaces, Unit Operations, Art Machines Machines Art, Conspire, From Technological to Virtual Art.


.Paul Slocum interview.
.Modified Toy Orchestra interview.


Skinstrument, Plink Jet, Street Radio, Tinnitus Tamer, BeatBox.



Carsten Nicolai: Static Faders, Fundamentals of Sonic Arts and Sound Design, Background Noise, Sonic Acts XII, Rechenzentrum – Silence.

.cd reviews

Mahmoud Refat, Frank Rothkamm, Philip Jeck, Scorn, Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester, Carter Tutti, Charlemagne Palestine, An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music vol. 5, Saralunden+Andrey Kiritchenko, Maja Ratkje, Fenin, Now Underscan, Nemeth, Yuta Segawa, Robert van Heumen, Favourite Places, Autistici, Schurer, Kapital Band 1, Josh Russel.


.Too close to the Screen, Reality and Unreality in wargames.
.The H-Gamer’s Song of Dawn
.Golden Farmers / Ge Jin interview.


2.4Ghz, Intelluctual Property Donor, Fake is a Fake, P2P Art, Logo_Wiki.



MyCreativity Reader, Art and Revolution, Access Denied, An Atlas of Radical Cartography, Digital Contagions.