Neural 28


Neural 28 english

Issue 28, winter 2007

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Free: centerfold ‘Muon’ by Chris O’Shea.

new media art

.Florian Cramer interviews Jodi, “For us it’s not an error” interview.
.Casey Reas interview.
.Glitch explained by Olga Goriounova and Alexei Shulgin interview.
.Ant Scott/Beflix interview.
.ICC Open Space 2007.


Morpho Towers, Spamland, The Word’s slowest Instant Messenger, Spy Box, Bloomsday On Twitter.



Gost Storeys, New Media Art, Materializing New Media, Lebensfrische, Monkey_Party.


.Ryoiji Ikeda unexpected errors in Cyclo.
.Jens Brand interview.


Uokand (Tapelake), Cut Chemist video scratching the audience, OSCulator, EarthSpeaker, Ex Pharao.



John Dunca Work 1975-2005, The Topography Of Chance, Elffriede Soundrawing, Camera Lucida, Municipal 44.

.cd reviews

Andrey Kiritchenko, Merzbow, The Hafler Trio, Yoshio Machida, Test Dept., Quio, Luc Ferrari, Frank Bretschneider, Less-Lethal vol.1, The @C & Vitor Joaquim, Burkhard Stangl / Taku Unami, Mem1, Dunaewsky69, Keene, Minimalismo Italiano, Silicon Scally, Beautiful Schizophonic, The Missing Ensemble, Annea Lockwood, Andy Vaz.


.Sebastian Luetgert, the Art of Challenging Copyright interview.
.Perry Honerman, Infringement Series


Interception, Terminal Air, OpeSourceCinema, Dialstation, Missing Persons.



Privacy On The Line, Gamer Theory, Abstract Hacktivism, From Counterculture to Cyberculture, The Class of the New.