Exo_C – Laboyatta


CDr – Kvitnu

Kvitnu can be proud of their entry into the catalogue of Exo_C, for an untypical collaboration between Fan Yau – aka Exoterrism – and Carl Cock, this last artistically known as c_c, with a very refined and this time also tactile work. The two electronic manipulators are both active on the Belgian techno-experimental scene and for the occasion they are strong with nine harsh compositions of industrial and machinic style, full of buzzing, metallic and crooked sounds, together with rhythms just as lopsided and iridescent, useful in instilling a strange climax of noisy, vibrant and synthetic poetry. The album, which was recorded at On Fait Du L’Art!, in Lausanne, an association dealing mainly with photography, cinematography and mixed-media projects, is marked by radioactive frequencies and extra-sensorial perceptions, that reminds us of post-apocalyptic settings. As a matter of fact, we are in transforming areas in which techno-electro is in conflict with the most extreme experimentalism and these sounds can be imagined usable in scenographic and nocturnal lives, for simple home listening or even mixed in extreme DJ sets. All the chaotic algorithms and functions producing unstable phenomena between the dimensions are used in order to create short-term hallucinations or extrasensory experiences: once again the concept of space-time interaction appears central but at the same time ephemeral in its results. The encore of some models through a dynamic system in multidimensional expansion is only a confirmation of what we could easily define empirical authorial poetics. But the operation succeeds perfectly, with distortions that produce their raw effects and finally with a flow that becomes almost regular, rhythmic, sidereal and fascinating. At these latitudes, however, it is difficult to draw further interpretative plots in analyzing such a record release: everything is very interconnected, the result of a very personal and intricate involvement, in a mix of very different attitudes that finally seem not to have a certain finalization. When esoteric fascination and audio-technological abuse go together it is not necessary to rely on too much rational comprehension: what really takes over is always the infinitesimal harmony and the passion for the non-mainstream.


EXO_C – Laboyatta