Positions of the Unknown, speculated satellites


The poetic dimension of the sky has been reconsidered since humans started to launch artificial satellites into orbit. These objects are at the verge from between being visible or invisible, and that’s where the artists collective Quadrature (Juliane Götz and Sebastian Neitsch) position their work “Positions of the Unknown”. They reconstruct a history of surveillance and citizenship, recalling the ‘Operation Moonwatch’, a military program discontinued in 1975, that trained US citizen to observe and detect possible satellites. Their knowledge lived on the programme, so the citizens and their acolytes started an alternative catalogue of (450 at the moment) objects missed in the official lists. Fifty-two of them have no available specification, except their location. In this installation, they organise abstract machines pointing at these objects, scientifically speculating about technological entities which are in between factual reality and imagination. 


Quadrature – Positions of the Unknown