Trophy Camera v0.9, just for winners


Latest generation smartphones compete in the market with exceptional performance strokes. That is how these little objects have become the guardians of all our passions; doors open to the near and far world, all in one pocket. With our phones we keep in touch with friends, check e-mail, pay parking, listen to music and make photos….tons of photos. It’s about 900 billion images taken in a single year and abandoned on some hard disk, sent to relatives and friends or retouched to perfection to Instagram or perhaps for one of the many competitions for photographers without a camera. And it’s already a competition. The most beautiful photo, the most appreciated one, the weirdest one, the right one. But who is to decide? A jury? No, now there is Trophy Camera v0.9, a device that thanks to the work of developers Max Pinckers and Dries Depoorter, uses an algorithm that has allowed him to “learn” the rules that dictate the success of a photo from the photo archive of the world’s most illustrious photojournalism prize: the World Press Photo Award. When a user clicks on Trophy Camera, the algorithm begins its careful work and if the photo taken exceeds at least 90% of the pre-set standards, it goes to the site of the project, the only place where you can review the winning photos, given that the equipment doesn’t return images preview but only names and percentages. No doubt or controversy, but a mere rational evaluation that artificial intelligence is not afraid to apply systematically and tirelessly, with no exceptions or nuances. The fully autonomous standardization of a canon of beauty and perfection, or better yet, of victory. Choosing what’s “best” today is extremely easy… just a click. Benedetta Sabatini