Mei Zhiyong – Live in Switzerland


LP – Aussenraum

The Aussenraum release is available only in 300 copies on 180g red vinyl with a cover by Flokim Lucas, a Korean-French multidisciplinary artist and at the same time a charming and talented illustrator. Mei Zhiyong is famous in the impro and free form scenes: this live performance confirms how his sound might be dark, powerful and full of ragged and digital solutions. The sound sequences are in the live supported by a simple but effective plant, full of lights and confusing flashes, disturbing projections and moments of dark. The sounds seem to be fragmented into an unbearable landscape and evoke some apocalyptic and cathartic rituals. We found this in the NOJIJI collective projects, a 30 elements ensemble whose Mei Zhiyong was a leader. The two live in the LP were recorded in Cave 12 in Geneve in September 2015 and at LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival), in the Canton Vaud capital, an event which took place in the Autumn of the same year . The sound plots don’t show any hesitation or distinction: the constant assault is the focus. Anyway, despite the choice of an estranging effect in the sound production, the style choices can be very different or related to different theories and concepts, which are not casual or due to a spontaneist naïveté. In the past seasons these experimentations had several mutations and we can affirm that every decade has its own main references, maybe unexplored in the latter past. This changes the entire scenario and it’s a positive evolution. The geographical origin of the artists changes also our viewpoint. In the past, it was impossible to imagine a Chinese noise (however we can’t forget we had already known the Japanese noise tradition) and the meeting of different culture is undoubtedly a great creative improvement. Mey Zhiyon


  • Mei Zhiyong 梅志勇 live at LUFF 2015