Armin Medosch – New Tendencies, Art at the Threshold of the Information Revolution (1961 – 1978)


MIT Press,ISBN: 978-0262034166, English,408 pages, 2016, USA

Medosch’s ‘New Tendencies’ book was the peak of his long-term research on this crucial artistic movement, originated and centred in Zagreb in the early sixties, and among the first to reflect on IT technologies, which he discussed in various conferences, and on which he based his Goldsmiths’ (London) PhD dissertation. He framed New Tendencies into its own historical context to better understand its distinctive dynamics reflecting a new inclusive spirit in artistic and social practices and its strategies to mine the art market’s commodified structure. One of the movement’s major conceptual structures, what the author calls the ‘politics of form’, welcomed the use of new media and interaction principles, with a critical social outlook supported by a network of artistic and political movements it was related to. This book was one of Medosch’s major accomplishments, after having led plenty of European initiatives in critical art and media for decades. It was officially launched in the same week as another pivotal step in the ‘Technopolitics’ initiative Medosch co-originated: an exhibited ‘timeline’ intended as a collective political tool. Very sadly Medosch passed away a few months later, in February 2017. If this book is the final point of his New Tendencies’ research, he has left the collective Technopolitics, and its similar inter-networked shared practices, as a wonderful, if maybe involuntary gift, passing his knowledge, passion and unique attitude on to the same community he has been a very active part of for so many years.

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