Sawako –


CD – Baskaru

The textures of Sawako are delicate and iterative, pervaded by natural sounds but also dilated drones. Sawako moves with a quiet confidence in these night spaces, producing fluent concatenations, melodies and exquisite interludes. Six years have passed since the last studio album from the Japanese sound artist, Bitter Sweet, released on 12k. This release transported Sawako to festivals and live performances around the world. A fair amount of time has passed since then, and although this new project seems to compare to the previous in many respects, it lacks the refined environments and textures of the previous release. The quieter passages are more controlled than before, the drones scattered with faint glitches and crackles, while classical structures sometimes bleed through, as though from some chamber music of a future yet to come. The Japanese woman realizes these mental acoustic spaces with a touch of her magic wand and even if the subtitle of this album is “ambient music at night,” this is an oblique nod to the ambient genre. Sawako has always shown a certain lightness in interpreting the role of the young queen of the digital underground, while understanding what is well-received in the genre and what not. In short, the release is conceptual and dreamy at the same time, ingenious yet romantic, nocturnal but not dark: all qualities that are contrasting but essential.


sawako 5th album “” digest ver.