Mindscapes, #L1, after Dan Flavin, induced communication


Fernando Velazquez is a Uruguayan artist who researches “privacy and mediators of control.” His Mindscapes series, which includes videos, interactive installations and audiovisual performances, is dedicated to brain activity and, in particular, the creation of ‘spaces.’ In “#L1, after Dan Flavin” he creates a mesmerising grid of four-by-four vertical neon lights in a dark room, which are switched on and off (sometimes flickering) by an artificial life algorithm that takes into account countless variables. The algorithm also generates surreal speech, cutting up talks by Gilberto Gil, Gilles Deleuze, Hannah Arendt, Ingmar Bergman, Jean Baudrillard, Noam Chomsky, Oliver Sacks and Paul Virilio (among others). Extricating through references (dream machines, minimalist neon light artist Dan Flavin, cut-up speeches), the mind seems to be set in what Velazquez calls the “other semantic layer,” where abstract communication takes place at depths below our conscious will.


da série Mindscapes, #L1, after Dan Flavin