Various Artists – Liquified Sky



Not for the first time did our office player release sounds that made us doubt that our equipment was functioning imperfectly: actually this happens quite regularly to people who focus on the contemporary experimental scenes. However we soon awoke from our astonishment and learned from the linear notes of Liquified Sky that due to the special nature of this project the contents of the high-res data DVD need to be transferred onto hard disk and streamed with the correct software. We did this and were immediately rewarded with dreamy imagery constructed out of minimal, ethereal and fascinating sounds. We found ourselves plunged into multidimensional sensitivities, natural self-organization processes and adaptive resonances. The delightful dirges of Mucilaginous Omniverse Part 1 floored us – its sounds created by COH and the video installation by the famous pairing of Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, who document the colloidal dimension of biological systems in a visionary way. In the second part, the cells agglomerate and reject each other, with a sonic background performed by the video-makers that is even more rarefied and dilated. The scene changes greatly in the third episode with Hydro Acoustic Study, developed in wonderful black and white by Paul Prudence and combined with the sidereal and captivating sounds of Francisco López. The final episode is Memory Vapor, a video once again made by Domnitch and Gelfand, this time coupled with the audio sequences of Asmus Tietchens. The whole work is dedicated to the filmmaker Slava Tsukerman and to the 1982 science-fiction film (it owns almost the same name) “Liquid Sky”, unanimously considered as the main symbolic inspiration for the electroclash movement.


“Liquified Sky” trailer (LINE_063) Domnitch, Gelfand, COH, Prudence, López, Tietchens