Autonomous Parapoetic Device, The Eternal Poetry Book In A Box


Digital devices support portable literature at various levels, but this mostly involves bestsellers and popular literature, most of the time excluding poetry. The artwork Autonomous Parapoetic Device (APxD mkII) by Allison Parrish is a portable machine that generates poetry, and is light enough to be easily carried around. It’s contained in an old wooden box and is made from a simple LCD display – with a capacity of 20×4 characters – presenting text that is constantly being replaced. So the “final” poetry never really arrives, but it reflects the ephemerality of the process and the aura of the “magical”. The machine doesn’t behave like an inspired poet, but more like a process of struggling to find the right combination of words: an on-going publication improving iteration by iteration. Although it’s not a digital book, this perennial composition is closer to an e-book reader of the future and will eventually become as popular as today’s best sellers (if properly programmed).


Autonomous Parapoetic Device: Video 1


Autonomous Parapoetic Device: Video 2