Lasse-Marc Riek – Helgo Land


CD – Gruenrekorder

Helgoland in German literally means “holy land” and is an island located south-east of the North Sea, originally owned by Denmark and later by the United Kingdom, before being given to Germany in 1890 as part of a treaty delineating the economic and territorial interests of the two colonial powers. Because of its distance from the mainland – about 70 kilometers from the German coastline – Helgoland is often considered a deep sea island. During the Second World War it hosted an important navy base, whose tunnels and bunkers were blown up in 1947 by the Royal Navy, who were aiming to blow the island off the map. Thanks to a long lack of urbanization the island is home to more than 370 different species of birds, and because of the tunnel system there is good access to the cliffs and caves. Lasse-Marc Riek has taken advantage of this and captured some very memorable audio on his trip to the island, recordings that will not just appeal to nature lovers. There is a very limited human presence in these captures; the main protagonist is the wild fauna, together with pounding waves and other animal sounds (the cries of grey seals) in a region where mechanical means of transportation are forbidden and the air is so pure that no presence of pollen can be recorded. On the whole, Helgoland is a very deep and fascinating release.
Pollution surely?

Lasse-Marc Riek – Helgo Land (Album Preview)