Das Coisas Quebradas, Critical And Destructive Machine Art


“Machine art” is one of those definitions that tries to label more complex concepts in a way that makes them more understandable. But “machine” is hard to precisely define and there are a lot of mechanisms (physical and virtual) that could be grouped under this category. “Das Coisas Quebradas” (which means: “of Broken Things”, ironically referring to the Internet of Things) by Lucas Bambozzi is an installation that perhaps falls into this category because its core is actually a machine. It detects the intensity of the surrounding electromagnetic fields and literally crushes mobile phones (obsolete or discarded) at a proportional speed. Stemming from Bambozzi’s previous projects “Of Planned Obsolescence in 3 acts” and “Mobile Crash” the system is also designed to provide the elapsed time between crushes, and when the next destruction will occur. A machine is defined by its processes, and the parameters fixed by Bambozzi seem to be defining a critical machine art, pushing our defenseless consumerism.


Das Coisas Quebradas