Claudio Parodi – A Ritual Which Is Incomprehensible (To The Smile Of Pauline Oliveros)

Claudio Parodi

CD – Extreme
Claudio Parodi, inspired by the sounds of Pauline Oliveros (a sensitive composer and accordion virtuoso), takes up the theme of harmonic tuning procedures, producing a mix of assonant, gloomy, melancholic and fascinatingly repetitive sounds. The effects are realised by a limited number of instruments – reduced to minimal background sounds and two Turkish clarinets (metal soprano clarinets). The Italian experimenter aims to affect a synthesis with other authors, in line with the approach he took with a recent homage to Alvin Lucier. This is an operation of stylistic camouflage that – even with all its restrained reflectivity – reveals a potential evolution towards the new digital-acoustic forms and crossovers of the latest electronic research.