Nole Plastique – Escaperhead

Nole Plastique

CD – Nexsound
Strange hybrid sound jumps, somewhere between pop, glitchy folktronics, psychedelia and more contemporary soundscapes are some of the specific ideas that meet in the work of atypical composers like Andrei Kiritchenko. The owner of the Nexsound brand is also a digital experimenter and audio-manipulator whose musical past includes time spent as a singer, song-writer and rock guitarist. Working against a backdrop of stereotypical variations on the same old theme, more enterprising artists are seeking new musical articulations, often merging different approaches as they go. The Nole Plastique (Roman Kuthov and Aleksei Belousov) succeed partially in this regard, insisting on a marriage of strange and ethereal melodies, with dilated drones and delicate atmospheres. This involuntary exoticism fascinates us with its airy instrumental textures and its crooked and poetic indie/lo-fi flower-power attitude