doku / fiction: Mouse on Mars reviewed journals & remixed

Andi Toma

The Mouse on Mars are in their own way a ‘kind’ of contemporary electronic music, through which raw and assonant sound collage, surrounded by syncopated rhythm changes and insertions without burrs stuck to the rest of the sound texture, fill the acoustic panorama of the listener , soprendendolo with unexpected twists and unusual combinations. The book is the starting point of a culminating project of the exhibition held at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf based on the interpretation of the work of this seminal duo by more than thirty artists, theorists and journalists (including Negativland, Scratch Pet Land, Nils Roeller, Rosa Barba, Oswald Wiener, Siegfried Zielinski, etc..). These ‘remix’ are designed to be hosted in a book, and then compulsorily materials, without any sound processing. Among the most interesting are the calculations of trace analysis through colorful Fourier maps, games that graphically reproduce credible composition techniques used by the duo and visual materials collected as decoy associative memory for a given track. This ‘remixing on paper’ is a fascinating concept, which applies the size of the recombining the individual pieces of a song, free to add something of their own, to an entire dimension (the paper), keeping the same necessary link with original artifacts . The attitude demonstrated in the best cases reflected that of the group, or a manic and playful at the same time, appropriate material composition dissonant, in a unifying unmistakable style, where the circle closes in the attached CD-ROM, in which the Mouse on Mars reinterpret in turn stimulated the work in as many songs.