File Extinguisher, deletion of files checked.

File Extinguisher

The purge, random or intentional, accidental or censorship, files, and their information content is one of the fundamental processes of computer technology. The destruction of the information, and then, and the certainty that they have been removed is part of a life cycle that is often seen only on its opposite side, ie the infinite possible duplication. The project File Extinguisher of the pioneer of Vuk Cosic (on display at the ICA in London) stages with the usual good dose of irony this mechanism, through a site that invites you to upload files, which are then removed with much of receipt proving the successful elimination. In his performative tradition (see the famous email that coined the term originated from a machine error), the artist offers us an anecdotal whereby historical re-read a paper by Paul Baran (one of the developers of the networks' packet switched '), distorting its meaning, but at the same time, finding a claim scientific legitimacy to the process triggered. A symbolic process, but that thickens its practice (including an equally sarcastic scope for cancellation of entire sites) around the concept of instability of the electronic media on the network, and their fickle retention of information.