Wi-Fi Hog, take control of a wireless network.

A pragmatic criticism, sometimes cynical and unscrupulous can be healthy to put your feet on the ground after getting settled into utopias tecniciste. The standard wi-fi as it is increasingly referred to as the guarantee of universal access and guaranteed bandwidth, in addition to its physical independence from the cables making it from a certain point of view, less controllable. To try to demystify this perspective, we think one of the last works of the prolific Jonah Brucker-Cohen (author of Streamingmedia , Clipit! , and Desktop Subversibles ). its Wi-Fi Hog , in fact consists of a system in which a laptop computer, equipped with a 'portable video jammer' changed, takes control of a wireless network. Technically, the software for the above laptop, which consists of a packet sniffer data and a wireless stumbler, monitors the data which come from an open knot, blocking all non-direct to your IP number and then connect it to pc . Targeted more to analyze the change of social relations in the presence of a shared space that you achieve technically a tool aggressive, this project demonstrates how public space is a concept that applies perfectly to the immaterial dimension of the network, in this case physically perceptible as a whole of people who benefit in the same place, or better are prevented dall'usufruire, of their same space. From here there are many ideas and provocations offered by the project, the arbitrary use of the network at will, as well pervasively, until the dissolution of the concept of shared local network connection for the benefit of the concept of 'personal' to the network, understood as an abstract entity.