Next Five Minutes 4 festival of tactical media.

Begins on September 11 in Amsterdam, the fourth edition of the Next Five Minutes, International Festival of Tactical Media , which takes place after a year of 'Labs' held around the world witnessing the fusion of art, media and politics. The whole event seeks to offer possible visions in the strategic use of the media by contacting assodate concrete experiences and practices, with the sole aim of sharing information and experiences in a wide international audience. The sections are noticed conferences Tactical Cartography: Diagrams of Power, Critical Games, New Landscapes for New Media, Freedom of movement = Freedom of Information?, Bodies of Globalization, The Indymedia Debate, Contestational Science, recuperating Video's Meaning, Radio Space "wireless in your psyche ", Italy and Paper Laboratory Revenge, which will also present Neural. In addition to various workshops, then, is also set up a studio for media productions in the field, the Hybrid Media Studio, as well as an open space for spontaneous presentations? Tactical Autonomous Zones, will be present as well as the Swap Meet, where 25 sheets will be available to anyone who wants to use (pressocch? anywhere) to set up their own space. Present, and finally a set of facilities, including: Cybermohalla between the installations of the center Sarai, Bureau d'Etudes, Podebal, Mobile Transgenic Fast-Food Test Lab of the Critical Art Ensemble, and Archeopteryx The Riot Porn Video Booth and the famous video Stupid stunt the Yes Men.