Googlehouse, the interior that can be generated by Google.

Googlehouse is the latest in a series of artifacts that target the search engine has spread in the habits of users as a standard, and often perceived as one ordered dump much of the material on the net. To take advantage of Google have already been GooglePoweredGoggleBox , GoogleSynth , The Google Art creator , , No Memory and Googlewhacking . In Googlehouse, made by Marika Dermineur and Stéphane Degoutin the new element is that of a spatial arrangement of the elements, perloppiù indoor photos added gradually according to an isometric perspective, which include the construction of an enclosed space, multiplying the possible visions drawn from the network. In this collage structural furnishings, details of the structures and simulations are concatenated progressively, creating an architecture predictable, but composed as a Lego infinite, generated from time to time, including through a list of possible thematic rooms supplied with the website. To ensure the goodness of the material, the URL is added to the last image, which diverted from its original use is to form an infinite three-dimensional puzzle, a maze able to contextualize the images in an organic collection.