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Pet_00, dynamic elements’ sequencing.


If the generative music has created the vision of automated music systems, the developments that really has brought a sufficient independence degree and acoustically appreciable results has come from different areas. Pet_00by Laura Baxter and Simon

Vinyl 1.7, the vinylic sound.

Vinyl 1.7

Vinyl is perhaps the last organic medium that has still its own importance in the music data transmission. Its characteristics of collateral unclean sound are impressed in the memory of some generations, and for this

Buddha Machine Soundbox

electronic object

is in times of rapid and radical change that ideas emerge that are able to interconnect past, present and future in a single synthesis, together with striking and paradoxical. The ‘Buddha Machine Soundbox’ could

SoundTransit, travel ambient sound.


The art of ‘field recordings’, also called ‘phonography’, ie of environmental records manages to focus our attention to the sounds accidental, which typically escape the consciousness in the flow of everyday life. The idea of