(Un) Measurements 2# the weight of repetition, sonic impressions


Walking in a forest, we find a multitude of organic forms entangled with each other at different stages of life. The decay of one is a feast for another, in a continuous cycle of growth and decay. “(Un) Measurements 2# The Weight of Repetition” is a sound sculpture created by Gil Delindro in which a dead tree branch offers a surface that is explored with a kind of multi-dimensional record player. A piece of wood from a dead tree was collected and carved in order to remove its rotting parts, following what could be described as a generative process in which tree parasites collaborated with the artist in defining the resulting form. The arboreal residue obtained with this method was placed vertically on a spindle resembling a turntable. This allows a static viewer to observe it from every angle as it slowly rotates in the gallery space. Five long metal rods embrace the tree branch, functioning as contact microphones, or as needles of a record player. Rubbing and scraping against the rough surface of the branch, they produce a sonic impression of its irregularities. What is left of the tree becomes the score for a piece of music for five voices. An element subtracted from the final stages of an organic cycle is animated once more in a new setting. Layered traces left by entities with radically diverging interests converge within an uncanny ritual. Matteo Marangoni


Gil Delindro – (UN) MEASUREMENTS – 2 # The weight of repetition