Pigstrument, let the pigs play


Developed by Marie Caye in collaboration with Arvid Jense and the farm Vair, “Pigstrument” is meant to be a musical instrument for pigs. It is shaped in a way that means it can roll around, allowing it to play to groups, as pigs usually move as a herd, and it incorporates metallic tubular bells to apparently suit a pig’s taste for sharp sounds. Caye focuses her research specifically on farm domesticated animals, trying to understand them outside of the common food-producer perspective. Pigs, in particular, grow with grunts, suckling and rustling from their fellows, which become referential sounds for them. Introducing a new aural element into their soundscape, which they can also learn to control, might possibly change their relationship with the surroundings, and potentially also within their own community. Even if it involves them on a very basic level, this work thoroughly questions our attitude towards farm animals, eventually situating them as articulated living organisms rather than organic machines.


Arvid Jense and Marie Caye – Pigstrument