Le Forbici di Manitù – GPS / GaPS


LP – BAU / Sussidiaria

Two main tracks of 20 min 34 seconds and 20 min 11 seconds give birth to the latest performance of Forbici di Manitù (Manitu Rossi, Vittore Baroni and Gabriella Marconi) entitled “GPS”, that is Gigantic Paradigm Shift, and “Gaps”, or Global Art Participation Systems. The edition is included in the planned annual art issues of the Cultural Association BAU in Viareggio, which since 2004 has collected signed, numbered multiples by national and international artists. The originating idea of this publication is a “system of global participation”, a positioning plant that leads towards utopic destinations and thus ideally drags up from an international underground net, experiences of the last century from the Patafisica to Fluxus and from the Mail Art to the Luther Blisset Poject. Forbici di Manitù are not new to a “tactile” approach to their productions and in this case they feel at ease when introducing the transparent vinyl record with a circular cover, illustrated by Emanuela Biancuzzi and with a graphic layout by Elisa Landini and Virna Zampolini. BAU has published 180 copies in its issue 14 whereas the other 120 are singularly available or issued in a digital version on Bandcamp of Sussidiaria, a well-known label of Reggio Emilia.
The trip gets us ready for “a huge paradigm shift”, even if musically it still lies in a quite melodic and wrenching exotic space, coming from the epics of the 90s when the passion for vintage brought to light mannerist musicalities and the dawn of electronic music. If the claim is “Don’t change the rules, just change the game” maybe it could have been more reasonable to expect much more vicious, contemporary and unpredictable mixes. However, with Forbici di Manitù it is much better to get lost in small robotic and sidereal refrains of the second quoted track which maintain a prog ecumenical taste, consisting of texts, modal interactions and finally involving synthetic pop.


Le Forbici di Manitù – GPS / GaPSt