I quit, social mirroring


“Why did I leave social media?” French artist Thierry Fournier presents a 32 minute video series of people who have spontaneously decided to abandon or disable their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat as they are too harmful and evil distractors. This seems to cause a rebirth, full of new cognitive faculties, lots of time, great emotions. However this work has a paradoxical narrative: these testimonies have not been collected “offline” but they are a simple sequence of public Youtube videos made by those who made this hard decision. Why quit social media by declaring it on a social media? The installation is designed around this vicious circle, with a symbolic and meaningful aesthetic proposal. In fact the selection of videos are projected on a small round mirror, the type usually dedicated to face care, which reflects the images onto the wall of the exhibition space. This dual reflection mechanism physically and ironically represents a paradox. Exposing oneself to social media seems to be a process of validation and definitive awareness of the decisions taken, moving the plane of consciousness from an intimate and individual plane (the bathroom mirror) to that of overexposure to others (the Youtube window). Chiara Ciociola


Thierry Fournier – I quit