Hecker – Recordings for Rephlex


CD – Rephlex/Goodfellas
Another Rephlex based audio ‘abuse’, under the Wilson Claridge direction, in the very label spirit that alternates releases related to the most radical dance areas or planned as plain experimental, just extreme. This Hecker’s ‘Recordings for Rephlex’ belongs to the latter, and the author (released inthepast by Mego) here is setting abstract and slipping noises, in a sort of cerebral and schizoid scratching, a dynamic synthesis not easily enjoyable. But, nonetheless, this album is enthralling for the sounds’ radical quality. It’s a sample of commissioned tracks meant for different contexts, all composed between 2002 and 2004, sometimes using peculiar self-designed software (as the PulseGenerator), or drawing on stuff used during live performances. It’s a summa of cut’n’paste non-linear techniques, sequences, and enigmatic algorithm. The dissonant amount is congruous so, unfortunately, after a long persistence, the overall effect becomes mild.