John Hegre – Colors Don’t Clash

John Hegre

CD – Dekorder
John Hegre is back with a solo album that intertwines daring experiments with its favorite instrument: the guitar. Here he’s putting on stand by his participation to Jazzkammer group, manipulating chords between resonances and drones, with noises taking off or constructing dainty harmonies. Every trackseems to follow different paths, but the sound, in the end, is as sewed up in the different passages. It’s a surreal and melancholy quiet, sensitive to post-rock and electroacoustic defilements, among ambient atmospheres, mesmerizing loops and analog shakes. It’s a tidy production, even in minor details, nicely getting listener’s attention and being rich in imaginative suggestions, reconciling new and old musicalities. It triggers, in the end, the old pleasure of our (still) traditional hearing skills.