Err ¬ or, aesthetics error.


ERR OR ¬ is the attempt to establish a public archive of the errors of digital media. The Spanish collective joystick, which has carried out the project (along with Juanjo Fernandez), invites us to send images, videos and sounds that are able to represent the failings which are often subject the technological tools that we use in everyday life. System crash, compression errors, flickering produced by graphics cards in agony, this and much more is the archive contents ¬ ERR OR. The Joystick, true to the motto of A. Einstein that "there has never stumbled into error someone who has never tried anything new", conduct their investigation in search of an aesthetic error of digital media. An important feature of digital art is that it can not refuse to pay the highest attention to technological devices, are in fact these tools to produce the output that we call art. But the computer (and, more generally, digital media), by their very nature, they break, they encounter errors and failings to which it is not possible to deny its own aesthetic value. It is a topic that has always engaged philosophers and scholars of all kinds: from the theory of error of Benedetto Croce to the formulation of the concept of aesthetics of the machinic by Deleuze and Guattari, rivers of ink have been spilled. In recent years, then, the concept of aesthetics of the error has become one of the most investigated in the field netartistico, just think of the experiments conducted by Jodi , Mark Napier , Retroyou , Arcangel Costantini (just to name a few). Just this research have contributed to reiterate that the machines, and therefore the errors produced by these, are to be regarded as constituting the new aesthetic that pervades the network society, as the human intellect. Emphasize the errors of digital media also helps to demystify definitely the paradigm (so loved in the sphere of advertising communication) of the infallibility of the machine than man.