WiFi.Bedouin, data nomads.


The wi-fi technology that allows you to deploy a wireless local area network within a certain radius, not only constitutes a 'door' to enter the nearest large network, but also a great opportunity for sharing of data within a small space. The huge amount of data on the Internet often dazzle the user with respect to the possibility of sharing premises, especially if they are not related to the physical space. WiFi.Bedouin Julian Bleecker is a node wi-fi (802.11b) 'wearable' (wereable ) and disconnected from the Internet, which wants to create an island of communication that rely more on the physical proximity to the connective. The mobility that is shared, then is linked to the space around, implementing a local network cabinet, which can be activated anywhere there is the backpack and the equipment it contains. This concept linked to the idea of ​​nomadic communities, disengages the idea as a hotspot access point to something remote, turning it into a center for the exchange of information closely related to the short-range space. Already imagined in other projects, such as Umbrella.net , this approach to amplification of the interactions in a local space, you can create a small space temporarily autonomous in which the two levels of communication (physical and electronic) are shared and intertwined in a single hybrid.