Neural 65, Redirecting Networks

Neural 65, Redirecting Networks

Issue #65 Winter 2020 ISSN: 2037-108X

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  • Kyriaki Goni
  • Tiziana Terranova
  • Roel Roscam Abbing and Dennis De Bel
  • Surya Mattu
  • Tim Shaw


  • Dreaming otherwise: the past and future of community wireless networks


  • We Organise Your Music, So You Don’t Have To – Music as a Sonification of its Commercial Value in the Networked Panopticon


  • FAEN – Female Artistic Experiments Norway 2019
  • Mud Muses
  • Nam June Paik


  • The V[R]erses, virtual objects of literature
  • Respire, breathing in sound and vision
  • CUSP, artificial land art
  • A Woman with the Technology, unpredictable machine creation
  • The Visit, realistic simulation of a reality that already exists
  • The Point of Final Collapse, conceptually sounding the collapse
  • The Data Stones, geomorphic meditation
  • Macrogroove, three-dimensional sonograms
  • Sulco (Medida de Corte), aural passages
  • Sonic Arms, graceful mechatronic concert
  • The Hidden Life of an Amazon User, the weight of a purchase
  • my opsec haul from Sephora, politics within makeup videos
  • Hold That Task. This Is On., speaking to invisible Amazon workers
  • Alienated Vision, the clash between machine and natural vision
  • Void, abstraction of a landscape


  • Spectre, watching dystopia speaking.


  • (edited by) by S.Natale, D.Pasulka / Believing in Bits
  • (edited by) Profanter, Andersen, Eckhardt / The Middle Matter
  • (edited by) M. Ghidini, T. Kelton / Silicon Plateau, Volume Two
  • (edited by) Patricio Dávila / Diagrams of Power
  • (edited by) Huisman, van Mechelen / A Critical History Of Media Art In The Netherlands
  • (edited by) S.Gaensheimer, D.Krystof / Parallax Symmetry
  • (edited by) V.Bradbury, S.O’Hara / Art Hack Practice
  • Alan Licht / Sound Art Revisited
  • Arthur I. Miller / The Artist in the Machine
  • Ceci Moss / Expanded Internet Art
  • Jenny Odell / How to Do Nothing
  • Nina Sun Eidsheim / The Race of Sound
  • S. Paasonen, K. Jarrett, B. Light / NSFW
  • Tetsuo Kogawa / Radio-art
  • (edited by) Hanhardt, Zinman, Decker-Phillips / We Are in Open Circuits

cd reviews

  • FoAM: Dust & Shadow: Not On Label
  • 11min: Snow: Weather
  • Angst78: 78-Angst: Zoharum
  • Bill Seaman: The Topologies of Blue: Fluid Audio
  • C.M. Svendsen, Nakama & Rinzai Zen C.: New Rituals: Nakama
  • Emptyset: Blossoms: Thrill Jockey
  • Gaudenz Badrutt: Ganglions: Aussenraum
  • Holly Herndon: Proto: 4AD
  • Roland Kayn: Scanning: Reiger Records Reeks
  • Javier Lloret: 1000 Synsets: Javier Lloret
  • Maryanne Amacher: Petra: Blank Forms
  • MME dUO: awholerunboom: Makiphon
  • Petrels: The Dusk Loom: Denovali
  • Philip Samartzis & Eric La Casa: Captured Space: Crónica
  • Pita: Get On: Mego
  • Susanne Skog: Siberia / Sirens: Fylkingen
  • Ryan Teague: Recursive Iterations: King Tree
  • Six Microphones: Six Microphones: Counter Audition
  • Various Artists: The Noise Of Art: Works For Intonarumori: Sub Rosa
  • We Like We, Jacob Kirkegaard: Time Is Local: Sonic Pieces