Neural 61, Speculative Pink


Issue #61 Autumn 2018 ISSN: 2037-108X

The new Neural issue (co-edited with Rachel O’Dwyer) is hot from the press.

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  • Cornelia Sollfrank
  • Lílian Campesato
  • Hyphen-Labs
  • Faith Holland
  • Mary Flanagan
  • Spideralex
  • Linda O’Keeffe


  • Artificial Paradise? Immersion in Space and Time
  • Global Control: RIXC Art Science Festival 2018


  • Anatomy of an AI System, fierce materiality
  • Data Shop, ermetic data can
  • alone together, the robotic absence of a female body
  • Cogito, thoughts into outer space
  • Biometric Mirror, And if you were perfect?
  • Anti-Marta, intimate mutual transplants
  • Imaginary Soundwalk, which sound should be here?
  • Insect songs, interspecies music
  • Distance, so optically close, so perceptually far
  • Narciss, AI digital consciousness
  • Spiralalala, falling sounds in a spiral
  • Putting the Pieces Back Together Again, sorting out complexity
  • Man/Woman in the Middle, Sub-title
  • The Boost Project, gasbag!
  • Phantom Islands, sounds from the imagined geography


  • Sonic Territories, monumental loudspeakers to the people


  • Paul Thomas / Quantum Art & Uncertainty
  • (edited by) G. Friesinger, E. Van Hulzen / Juliana Herrero, REM 1:1:
  • Tara McPherson / Feminist in a Software Lab
  • Tero Karppi / Disconnect
  • M.Eriksson, R.Fleischer, A.Johansson, P.Snickars, P.Vonderau / Spotify Teardown
  • (edited by) M.-D. Hosale, S. Murrani, A. de Campo / Worldmaking as Techné
  • Marie Hicks / Programmed Inequality
  • (edited by) Julia Eckhardt / Grounds for Possible Music
  • (edited by) Pedro Gadanho / Eco-Visionaries
  • David Parisi / Archaeologies of Touch
  • Kristen Gallerneaux / High Static, Dead Lines
  • C. U. Andersen, S. B. Pold / The Metainterface
  • Holger Schulze / The Sonic Persona
  • (ed. by) K. Archey, Metahaven / PSYOP: An Anthology
  • (edited by) D. Landwehr, Migros-Kulturprozent / Media Arts in Switzerland

cd reviews

  • Michael Lightborne: Sounds of the Projection Box: Gruenrekorder
  • Amantra vs Submerged: Lost Direction: Kvitnu
  • B. van Dongen & R. van Kruysdijk: One Two Three Four Five: Opa Loka
  • Biblioteq Mdulair: Primitive Electronics Brain Dance: aussenraum
  • Julian Skar: Exhaust / Renew: Aurora
  • Eraldo Bernocchi & Chihei Hatakeyama: Solitary Universe: Aagoo
  • Ingar Zach | Speak Percussion: Before Nightfall One: Sofa
  • Isabel Latorre & Edu Comelles: For Pauline:Crónica
  • Florian Wittenburg: Four waves: Nurnichtnur
  • Leslie Ross: Drop by Drop, Suddenly: XI Records
  • Okkyung Lee: Cheol-Kkot-Sae: Tzadik
  • RDTK: Human Resources: Denovali
  • Rudolf Om Kult: Ritual Practice of Conscious Dying – Vol. I : Om Kult
  • The Vegetable Orchestra: Green Album: Transacoustic Research
  • T. Arthurs & A. Novello: Cahier De Petits Coquillages Vol. IV/V: Setola Di Maiale
  • Xabier Erkizia: Il Rumore Lontano: SUPSI
  • Trondheim Voices + Asle Karstad: Rooms & Rituals: Grappa
  • Uruk: Mysterium Coniunctionis: Ici D’Ailleurs/Mind Travels
  • Various Artists: Donostia Noise: Audiolab
  • Vitor Joaquim: Impermanence: Vitor Joaquim