Neural 60, Blockchain. The Trust Catalyst.


Issue #60 Summer 2018 ISSN: 2037-108X

The new Neural issue (co-edited with Rachel O’Dwyer) is hot from the press.

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  • Olivier Sarrouy
  • Furtherfield (Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett)
  • Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst
  • Martín Nadal
  • Ami Clarke
  • Sarah Friend


  • A token called ART
  • How is the Blockchain Transforming the Art World?


  • 5th meta.morf “A Beautiful Accident”
  • Transmediale 2018 “face value”


  • Die With Me, the last five percent
  • Weeping Angel, a flag with a code
  • The BitSoil Popup Tax and Hack Campaign, data economy reversed
  • Untitled [Eavesdrop], vintage surveillance
  • Our Friends Electric, the alter ego machines
  • CarbonScape, disquieting noise
  • DSD-08AS, methodological a/synchronicity
  • Physical Rhythm Machine / Boem BOem, machinic/tribal space
  • Messenger, signals from space
  • The Optical Sound Orchestra, composing with projectors
  • The Offshore Tour Operator, art as financial optimiser
  • A Diverse MonoCulture, ambiguous robot predators
  • entangled, an infinite small space
  • Prosthetic Photographer, reverse clicking
  • Amygdala, AI-led body politics


  • Border Crossers, rebalancing reason


  • Kate Mondloch / A Capsule Aesthetic
  • Jaron Lanier / Dawn of the New Everything
  • Baruch Gottlieb / Digital Materialism
  • edited by Olga Mink & Wiepko Oosterhuis / Economia: Methods for Reclaiming Economy
  • edited by Dominik Landwehr / Machines And Robots
  • Brandon LaBelle / Sonic Agency
  • Damon Krukowski / The New Analog
  • Jérôme Lefèvre, Pierre-Nicolas Ledoux / Optical Sound & Pierre Beloüin : 1997-x Broché
  • edited by canecapovolto / Retrodigital
  • edited by Alex McLean, Roger T. Dean / The Oxford Handbook of Algorithmic Music
  • Time’s Up / Ambiguous & Incomplete
  • Simon Penny / Making Sense
  • Shannon Mattern / Code and Clay, Data and Dirt
  • Hito Steyerl / Duty Free Art
  • edited by Annet Dekker / Lost and Living (in) Archives

cd reviews

  • Yoshio Machida + Constantin Papageorgiadis: Music from the SYNTHI 100: Amorfon
  • Simon Cummings: 間(ma): Crónica
  • Twentytwentyone + Diissc Orchestra: Split: MICL
  • Plaster: Transition: Kvitnu
  • Zoë Mc Pherson: String Figures: SVS
  • Goh Lee Kwang & Christian Meaas Svendsen: Gibberish, Balderdash And Drivel: Nakama
  • Gintas K: Acousma Light: GK
  • Orson Hentschel: Facades: Denovali
  • Cut Worms: Cable Mounds: Opa Loka
  • Christina Kubisch, Annea Lockwood: The secret life of the inaudible: Gruenrekorder
  • PLY: Rends-Toi: Warm
  • Othello Aubern: Two-Way Switch: Le Cabanon
  • MP Hopkins: G.R/S.S: Aussenraum
  • Jemh Circs: (untitled) Kingdom: Cellule 75
  • Matter: Dangerous Vision: Black Chrysalis
  • Yann Novak: The Future is a Forward Escape Into the Past: Touch
  • Lucrecia Dalt: Anticlines: RVNG Intl
  • Ohm: G5: Dinzu Artefacts
  • Žibuoklė Martinaitytė: Horizons: MICL
  • Andrey Kiritchenko: Overt: Spekk