Neural 50, Transient Gestures

Cover Neural #50

Issue #50, Winter 2015 ISSN: 2037-108X

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  • Chris Salter
  • Daito Manabe
  • Nicolas Bernier
  • Sonia Cillari
  • Angela Washko
  • Rimini Protokoll
  • Marco Donnarumma
  • Franziska Schroeder


  • Body Gesture Painting


  • Subway, dancer in the dark
  • Random Darknet Shopper, deep shopping
  • Floodwatch, are we advertising what we see?
  • Circular Knitic, (re)printing the tools
  • Daily Paywall, repurposing information
  • Song No 3, histrionic electronic music
  • Migration, retirement home for cassette recorders
  • Vibroplasm, resonance instrument
  • Concerto Per Natura Morta, con- vergence of presence and absence
  • Facial Noise, mimetic recognition feedback
  • Graffitizer, spraying the process of computation
  • PrintSnap, Conceptual Polaroid
  • Novice Art Blogger, machines interpreting art
  • Petroglyphomat, Messages on Stones
  • Mirage, intelligent projection apparatus


  • The Knitted Radio, wearable antennas


  • Edition a&a / Contacts
  • Christian Rudder / Dataclysm
  • (edited by) Paul D. Miller, Svitlana Matviyenko / The Imaginary App
  • Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, Joshua Green / Spreadable Media
  • Alexander R. Galloway / Laruelle: Against the Digital
  • (edited by) Gilles Aubry, Kathrin Wildner / The Amplification of Souls
  • Witteveen+Bos / Geert-Jan Hobijn
  • Negativland / It’s All in Your Head
  • Frances Dyson / The Tone of Our Times
  • Brian Kane / Sound Unseen
  • (edited by) Kunsthaus Langenthal, WallRiss / Megarave – Metarave
  • (edited by) Cindy Keefer, Jaap Guldemond / Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967)
  • (edited by) Daniel Göpfert / Play Instinct! / Spieltrieb!
  • Richard Rinehart, Jon Ippolito / Re-collection
  • (edited by) Mathias Fuchs, Sonia Fizek, Paolo Ruffino, Niklas Schrape / Rethinking Gamification

cd reviews

  • Janek Schaefer: Unfolding Luxury beyond the City of Dreams: Dekorder
  • Felix Kubin: Chromdioxidgedächtnis: Gagarin Records
  • Seth Cluett: Forms of Forgetting: Line
  • Jehanne Thibault: Eskifjörður: Kaon
  • Moon Zero: Tombs: Denovali
  • KK NULL: Cryptozoon quadraphonic mix: Aagoo Records
  • Thomas Köner: Tiento de las Nieves: Denovali
  • Gregory Büttner: Pochen: HerbalRecords
  • Jean-Luc Guionnet / Éric La Casa: Home:Handover: Potlatch
  • Toy Bizarre: kdi dctb 071: Kaon
  • Takahiro Kawaguchi, Tim Olive, Makoto Oshiro: Airs: 845 Audio
  • Various Artists: Song from the Forest: the Soundtrack: Gruenrekorder
  • Reinhold Friedl: Golden Quinces, Earthed for spatialised Neo -Bechstein: Bocian Records
  • Objekt: Flatland: Pan
  • Sawako: Baskaru
  • DJ Sniff: Europa: Re-Records
  • Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello: Fable: Dragon’s Eye Recordings
  • Attilio Novellino / Saverio Rosi / Rob Mazurek / Tim Barnes: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear: Discreetrecords
  • Marsen Jules: At GRM: Oktaf
  • Tim Olive / Nick Hoffman: No Flag: Copy For Your Records