Neural 22


Issue 22, winter 2004

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Free: centerfold ‘Standards and Double Standards’ by Rafael Lozano Hemmer

new media art

.Spreading Cultural Viruses: Ubermorgen interview.
.Deconstructing_Networks: Jonah Brucker Cohen interview.
.Infection as Communication
.Videogame Art, changing software meanings


Wimp, artfully manipulated windows, mirrorSpace mirror-like telecommunication, Fenlandia slow pixels, Panos fake roadsigns, txtkit visual text mining tool.



R. Frieling D. Daniels – Media Art Net Survey of Media Art; J. Shaw P. Weibel – Future Cinema; S. Cubitt – The Cinema Effect; R. Drouhin – Frags; C. Sollfrank – generator; A. Mulder – Understanding Media Theory; N. Wardrip-Fruin, P. Harrigan – First Person; J. D. Bolter, D. Gromala – Windows and MIrrors.


.The Sound of the Machine, Staalplaat Soundsystem interview
.Cronica, sensorial label interview
.The Sequencer Paradigm


Shadowplay Reanimated reprocessed videos, Spinalcat the vinyl record as a binary medium, Sonic Fabric wearing the sound of tapes, Let Them Sing For You – fragmented plagiarism, Tectonic Plates microgeography of sound.



P. Glass S. Reich – Images 4 Music; P. D. Miller aka DJ Spooky – Rhythm Science; Delaware – Designin’ in the Rain; Bianco-Valente – Self Organizing Structures; D. Cope – Virtual Music; Pure Dekam – Requoil Displaced Peaceoff; Dextro – A/Turux-B.

.cd reviews

Fennesz, Duran Duran Duran, The Loop Orchestra, Kinetix, Richard H Kirk, Stendec, My Robot Friend, The Noise and The City, Rennie Pilgrem, Omni Trio, Radboud Mens, Sylvie marks and Hal9000, Atomic Hooligan, A Guy Called Gerald, Outpost, Tapeworm Collective, Venetian Snares, Tom Hamilton.


.Political Videogames: Molleindustria interview
.Peer to Peer is good: Lawrence Lessig interview


You Whores sell oneself online for any reason, Keyboard Acoustic Emanations spying the sound of a keyboard, Vigilance 1.0 playing the watcher, Pizza Party command line pizza, Empire North fake non lethal weapons.



Broken Channel; Tester, nodes at work; P2P fightsharing; E. Thacker – Biomedia: B. S. McWilliams – Spam Kings; A. R. Galloway – Protocol; R. Hassan – Media Politics and the Network Society; G. Elmer – Profiling Machines.