Neural 21


Issue 21, spring 2004

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Free: centerfold ‘404_File_Not_Found’ by Darko Fritz

new media art

.Software Culture: Matthew Fuller interview. interview.

.The Mass Culture of Plagiarism

.Read_Me 2.3 software art festival report… reprogramming sense


Nike Ground boomerang marketing, Radical Software the first electronic art magazine has been digitized, Dictionary of Primal Behaviour, Molecular Media Project distracting digital data, Portret Series generated portraits.



Deaf03, Data Knitting


Information is Alive, (edited by) T.Goryucheva, E.Kluitenberg: Debates and Credits, K.Salen E.Zimmerman: Rules of Play, N.Wardrip-Fruin Nick Monfort: The New Media Reader, Tom Sherman: Before and After the I-Bomb, G.Liestol A.Morrison T.Rasmussen: Digital Media Revisited.


.Digital Abstractions: C505, Rechenzentrum, Ryoichi Kurokawa

.Audiopad, audio gestures

.Donna Summer interview

.Peer-to-Peer, the collective, collaborative and liberated memory of sound


Ping Melody, dueting with the Net, League of Electronic Music Urban Robots, Algorythmic Clustering of Music to compress = to know, Audiogame, interactive visual sound, Bass-Station a music server in a ghetto blaster, Cyberinfinity artificial visualization of sound.



Farmers Manual – RLA, Ryoji Ikeda – Formula, @c: Hard Disk.


Acoustic Space.


Ultrared, Dave Ellesmere, Ekkehard Ehlers, Kevin Blechdom, Jason Sparks, Koma+Bones, Maps+Diagrams, Matmos, Vegetable G, Stoloff & Hopkinson, Ennio Morricone Remixes, Ernesto Rodriguez+José Oliviera+Marco Franco, Yoshihiro Hanno, Takeo Toyama, Daruma, Le Forbici di Manitù, Riccardo Villalobos, Volks.


.Emigrating From Empire: Brian Holmes interview

.Chaos Communication Camp

.The Revolution will be Televised (Telestreet)

.Hackit 03


Hippies From Hell a film on dutch hackers, Superbot an army of pro-privacy bots, MindGuard fake software on psychotronic control, CopVision I like to watch, Domain Name Anarchy self-government of DNS.


..books Geert Lovink

My First Recession, Mike Godwin: Cyber Rights, Konrad Becker: Tactical Reality Dictionary, (edited by) Armin Medosh: Dive. Safe Distance.


World Information, special Intellettual Property edition