Neural 23, Hacking the Air


Issue 23, fall 2005

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Free: centerfold ‘Feelings are always local’ by Anna Andersson

new media art

.Nonlinear Software, Tom Betts/Nullpointer interview.
.Generative Psychogeography: The showdown.
.Dangerous Games, //////////fur//// interview
.Paper and Pixel, the mutation of publishing


Flickr Peep Show, electronic eyes everywhere, PostSecret, anonymous collective confessions, Sequences, contemporary chronophotography, Mindbending inc., subliminal videogames, Silver Cell, shielding the cell phone.



Art meets Media – adventures in perception; Aspect, the chronicle of media art vol.4 Text and Language; M. Grzinic – Situated Contemporary Art Practices; R. Green – Internet Art; O. Goriounova and A. Shulgin – read_me, Software Art & Cultures; Digital Homo Ludens; D. Gillmore – Feelings are always local.


.Circuit Bending, repurposing the past
.Streaming Culture, Radioqualia interview
.Physical Sound, Janek Schaefer interview


FontanaMixer, simulating John Cage with algorithms, The Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition subversive packaging, MIDIbox SID, 8bit cannibalization, The Continuator, the machine in synch with musical styles, MPF, distorting mp3s.



P. Glass S. Reich – Images 4 Music; Hexstatic – Masterview; Robin Fox – Backscatter; Akuvido – Nebeneinander 1.3; Steinbruchel, Thomas Brusa – 00.dedaih; The Dawn of DIMI.

.cd reviews

Christian Marclay, Musica Futurista, Phon.o, Si-cut.Db, Agents of Impurity, Koji Asano, Oh Astro, Transient Travels, PXP, Phon.o, Andrey Kiritchenko, JDS, Will Saul, Forbidden 80s, Electric Lounge Orchestra, Noise Tank (lovesyou), Marco Passarani, Science Force, Pirandelo.


.Decoding Signals, Marko Peljhan interview
.Hacker Class vs. Vectoral Power, McKenzie Wark interview
.Invasive Media, Luca Bertini interview


Our Beer, open source beer, Scream shaking the interface, TV Predator, invisibly assaulting the TV set, Wordnews the words of news, The International Database of Corporate, Commands.



R.Rogers – Information Politcs on the Web; A.Chandler, N.Neumark – At a Distance; Make Magazine; P.Graham – Hackers and Painters; D.Gilmor – We the Media.