Neural 20


Issue #20, June 2003

The new Neural issue is out. Premiere issue in English.

F R E E: CENTERFOLD ‘no.10’ by Lia


.Hacktivism History, Tommaso Tozzi interview
.Net.Criticism, Geert Lovink interview
.5th Hackmeeting
.Connecting Data Clouds, Howard Rheingold interview


Plug & Pray choose your religion, Wikipedia: free no-copyright encyclopedia, Swappingtons exchanging books and records on the web, Attacking spammers by drowing them in paper, Injunction Generator, Ubermorgen’s legal art.



Kevin D. Mitnick: The Art of Deception; Thomas: Hacker Culture; Weinberger: Small Pieces Loosely Joined; Verton: Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers; Sarai Reader 02; (edited by) Frohne Weibel: Ctrl [Space], Lawrence Lessig: The Future of Ideas; Bard Soderqvist: Netocracy; DiCorinto Tozzi: Hacktivism; Geert Lovink: Dark Fiber, Geert Lovink: Uncanny Networks; Fibreculture Reader, NL.Design: Mobile Minded.


.Vectorial Music, Carsten Nicolai interview
.8bit Community, interview
.Conscious Vjing, Otolab interview


Erratum Errata dj Spooky remixing Marcel Duchamp, Invisible Cities sounds of the cities, Atmospherics sounds reconstructed from data, IanniX 0.54 software dedicated to Iannis Xenakis, Gameboyzz Orchestra Project the Nintendo sound.


Tonne – Soundtoy, Scanner+Tonne – Sound Polaroids, Battery Operated – Chases through Nonplaces, Fb 50.


Alderman: Sonic Boom; Wollscheid: Selected Works 1990-2000; Leitner: Geometry of Sound; Roads: Microsound, Sobol: Digitopia Blues.

.cd reviews

[The User], Daedelus, Electric Pavillon, Donna Summer, Forma 1.02, Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 9, Radiotopia, Manos Arriba!, Sogar, Institut Fuer Feinmotorik, Audio-Tourism Remixes, The Soft Pink Truth, Dialtones, Bip Hop Generation 6, Son of Clay, Scanner, 21st Century Breaks, Pankow.

new media art

.Fuzzy Biological Sabotage: Critical Art Ensemble interview.
.Biotelematics: Eduardo Kac interview.
.Digital is Not Analog festival
.Virus Charms and Self Creating Codes

.news software art database, Grey Area self-portrait through informations, 32.000 points of light: worlds descripted using light and sound, GoogleSynth new images from Google’s archives, Data Diaries the memory of data.



(.dis)LOCATIONS, fineArt Forum


Grzinic: Stelarc; Frieling: Media Art Interaction the 80s and 90s in Germany; Goldberg Siegwart: Beyond Webcams; Install.exe – Jodi; Levin Lia Meta Ward: 4×4 Generative Design Life / Oblivion; Kember: Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life; Sick Reiche: Technics of cyber <> feminism < mode = message > Hayles: Writing Machines; Unplugged Ars Electronica 2002; Belly: The Cybercultures Reader; Wilson: Information Arts; Brouwer Mulder Archined: Transurbanism; Burnham: Supercade; Wishart Bochsler: Leaving Reality Behind; Ascott: Art Technology Consciousness.