Marc Baron | Jean-Philippe Gross – Black, Pink and Yellow noises


CD – Eich

The large number of twenty tracks compose “Black, Pink and Yellow noises”, an album made in partnership by the French artists Marc Baron and Jean-Philippe Gross. The first is an alto saxophonist we remember in pair with Jean-Luc Guionnet (2007 and 2013), the second one is an improvisation musician, firstly a drummer, then composer, operative mind behind the Eich Records and founder of the cultural association Fragment. The amount – and the quality – of the musical experiences of the two musicians is huge and includes several genres and sub-genres, the electroacoustics, the free-noise, the theatre-music, the field recordings, the research of sounds and the glitch and tape noise experimentations, just to mention some of the fields they have worked and without considering all the work Gross did as concert promoter for others. This variety of practices and knowledge the duo share results in an eclecticism, which is released from any genre and is difficult to define with only one aesthetic line. No track reaches three minutes, most of them are not even longer than two minutes and half. The choice to have such short scores made easier to Gross and Baron the work, allowing them to keep an extremely open and ductile way and leading the inspiration to useful results. After the first two tracks the flux is shimmering, firstly abrasive, then it tends toward an alien funk, full of experimentalism. When the cuts are not rubbed, we find the presence of noisy sounds, or fields recordings who play the role of leading the listener to another place. The division in colors, indirectly mentioned in the title, includes 6 black sounds, 8 pink sounds and 6 yellow sounds, although this organization seems to be more an inner factor for the construction of the parts, rather then being a result the listener can actually perceive. The duo uses some items and expands the resonance they produce, or they record some people voices and the tones of some specific settings. A large part of the work is due to some editing process and sometimes you might get the impression of something already listened, not so differently from the plundersphonics experimentations and in line with the post-dadaism attitude, stinging, but, in the end, enjoyable.


Marc Baron – Jean-Philippe Gross – Black, Pink and Yellow noises